Recording programed GT-1 sounds with a Mic?

01/02/18 09:37:03PM

Below is a reply I wrote to Dusty, I was looking for info. on best way to record - I am using a MacBook Air & the mic where it picks up the volume fine does not pick up the programed sounds I have made with the GT-1 sound processor. So, it seems I need a better mic than the one that is in the laptop. 

Any ideas?


Thanks for the info Dusty on the mic's.

I looked at the ones you mention & I learned there are different pickup patterns (I didn't even know that much). It looks like the Snowball & the Samson Go can either pick up in front, cardioid or also around the room omnidirectional. The Zoom H4N does look like the best but is also the most $$. 

As far as (getting a device that lets you plug directly into the computer rather than relying on a microphone. ) I have the programed sound coming out of the amp from the GT-1 but I am also producing sound from my dulcimer, so I am after picking up both places the sound comes from. The more I learn, the more I am learning toward a mic that gives you a choice and one that would be good for both picking up the created  GT-1 sounds and straight dulcimer strums.

Between the Snowball & the Samson Go (that you said you really liked) would you say they are both about the same or would one be better for picking up 2 places of 2 different types of music - Reading their info, it sounded like the Snowball would be better for something ('like an orchestra') I took that to mean different sounds from different areas.

Between you and Dan I have been able to understand what it is I am after now - and that is a mic that can pick up the created sounds (clear not muddy) from one direction and the dulcimer strums from another direction. Plugging in would not allow the dulcimer to sound also and that is part of the layer sound I am after. Volume wise, the laptop does fine - it just can not understand some of the GT-1 programed sounds therefore can not reproduce that tone/sound. 

I will check Best Buy tomorrow -  Snowball & the Samson Go - or is there yet another one that maybe better for what I am after?