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Posted a new Comment on Just Walk . Martin Oesterle Dulcimus Konzertdulcimer:
"Very impressive I also like your capo, I was trying to coming up with one for my dulciborn. I thought about something like yours but never found something..."
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Posted a new Comment on Emmas Waltz E-Dulcimer 5-String:
"Beautiful both in sound and looks. Not sure if I have ever seen a tab for 5 strings like yours, at first I thought maybe you were playing just 3 strings..."
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Posted a new Comment on The Water Is Wide:
"Question: The GT-1 you use on your solid-body electric dulcimer, I'm thinking tuned DAA. My dulcimer I have set up with the GT-1 is tuned DAd, if I would..."
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"Nice photo  "
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Posted a new Comment on Chording/fretting with a hand tremor:
"When I am not playing a chord using my thumb, I rest it on the dulcimer. Also I find sometimes having an arm chair to rest my arm helps but I need to get the..."
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Posted a new Comment on Handicap noter (MS):
"(other problem I have is 'running into' the next string with the tip of the noter.) I know this is an older post but maybe this can help someone I have..."
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Posted a new Comment on Stroke victims use music to help them regain speech:
"Nice  "
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Created a new forum topic "Germany":
"Someone from the dulcimer group I am with, is going to Germany in a week. I was wondering how we can find members who are there? marg"
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Posted a new Comment on Teaching adults—two venues:
"Nice, I will be part of our dulcimer group to teach at a Lifelong Learning Institute (ALL) at Lone Star College here North of Houston. We are trying to put..."
@marg • 3 months ago • comments: 5
Posted a new Comment on @debbieberry:
"Beautiful photo, sending one of mine Welcome"

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Sharon Porter
04/29/19 12:16:32AM @sharon-porter:

No videos. She is in the shop right now. The nut has worn down and the melody strings are buzzing. I am reducing it to one melody string while they rebuild the nut. 

06/19/18 10:06:54AM @strumelia:

How do I delete Folkcraft Cek-160 '85, it wont let me edit. When I try it says I don't have the proper privileges to perform. I created it, why & isn't needed now.

Hi Marg, discussions can only be deleted by Admins once other members have posted in them.  If no one else posts in it, the person who created it can still delete it.  This is to prevent an in depth discussion from being deleted if it has all kinds of helpful info and posts in it that has been contributed by members other than the original poster.  This is a common forum setting, and is the same as Everythingdulcimer forums used.
I've deleted your thread that you wanted removed.  Thanks!

Larry Conger
02/04/18 09:06:12AM @larry-conger:

No.  Sorry.  I don't know of any dulcimer groups in that area of Mississippi.  As a matter of fact, the Mississippi folks are pretty much non-existent at our September On The Mississippi Dulcimer Retreat.  In the years we've been hosting it, we have had one lady from Starkville and a guy from McComb.  That's it.  The rest come from all over the U.S.

01/24/18 12:21:11AM @sierron:

Thanks Marg. It's one of the few songs I know by memory. That really adds to the enjoyment. I'm trying to learn more, but my forgetter keeps getting in the way.

12/28/17 02:22:59PM @marg:

( Raymond Lane. believe he taught at Berea College)

Maybe Warren May or someone on here could help with info on Raymond Lane and your dulcimer. A lot of our members know a good bit about the different dulcimers & their builders. Anyway, Happy New Year & Happy Strumming

12/28/17 01:16:11PM @mathom:

@Marg thank you for the warm welcome. My first dulcimer was made by Raymond Lane. I have been able to find out a little about him. I believe he taught at Berea College and made Dulcimers as a “hobby.” Mine is dated 1972. 

Richard Streib
12/28/17 08:33:59AM @richard-streib:


Thank you for your kind remarks. I am happy to welcome our new members. I certainly appreciated it when I joined years ago.

Have a happy new year.

11/05/17 10:21:20AM @selah:

Thank you for letting me know about other Austinites, Marg! I will definitely look her up! My new-to-me dulcimer arrives tomorrow... can't wait to meet her! ;) Thank you again for your kind welcome! ~ Selah

10/07/17 06:12:15AM @cacofonix:

Greetings from Southend-on-sea in the Uk

Having only just discovered messages from FOTMD in my spam, this is the first time I have logged in so apologies for not replying sooner to your welcome message which is appreciated.  

I'm waiting for my instrument (a Sweetwoods Student) to arrive so, right now, my MD activities are restricted to watching You Tube videos and reading up.

Looking forward to getting involved here.



Botany Bill
09/13/17 06:26:18AM @botany-bill:

Hi Marg.,

Greetings from Scotland and many thanks for your warm welcome. RE. your message to cacofonix, I got my McSpadden via Robin Clark in Wales. He is most kind and helpful. A few music shops in the U.K. are starting to stock mountain dulcimers - mostly of Rumanian origin.



Geoff Black
06/27/17 05:56:59AM @geoff-black:

...And in answer to your more recent post, you can see I do have the two Carrells still, although I've sold a third.  I deal in dulcimers, so have tried/owned over 330 and counting.... Not quite sure how many I've kept now, perhaps 40 or so.

Yes, I think he usually signed his dulcimers and my two also have a customer's name inside ("Made for....").  I've not seen model numbers, mainly because I believe he only made two models, the teardrop of his own design and the "hourglass" whose design he inherited from his mentor Bill Davis.

The weeping heart soundholes I'm pretty sure I've seen on other Carrells.  My three all had an f-hole in the lower bout, but the upper bout patterns were all different, so he seems to have varied them regularly...or perhaps changed to order.

Yes, the intonation on all seems to be "good"...i.e. modern and setup for mixolydian tuning with a 6+fret... although opinions differ as to whether the older dulcimers were "bad", or just set up beautifully for a different scale, in different tunings and played in a different style (often noter/drone)....!  Incidentally, you were lucky to find one with the floating bridge still attached.  Most of my Davis or Carrell dulcimer had lost bridge - and sometimes nut too.  The wooden triangular section bridges have their limitations.  I've replaced quite a few in bone or horn.

Finally, I have a lot more about Carrell, including some correspondence with the man himself a few years back.  Let me know if you want anything more.




Geoff Black
06/27/17 05:37:44AM @geoff-black:

Hi Marge

I don't get on FOTMD as much as I'd like these days, so sorry if I've not kept up to date with replies to your interesting posts.

Do you have a teardrop or Davis-style hourglass Carrell?  I've always fancied the former but never succeeded in buying one.  

I have two "hourglass" ones.  One is tuned "conventionally" as a four string equidistant, basically in DAdd.  I play it as you would a conventional DAdd dulcimer with twin melody strings, but I don't always fret the second "d" string - which gives chords an interestingly richer tone is some instances and discords in others!  You can also use four string chords of course.  If I were adventurous (and had the time to learn properly) I would tune the four strings so that I could get more chromatic notes....

The other hourglass is tuned as Carrell himself advised, which is essentially as a baritone. It has strings as follows:  26w, 22w, 13, 13/13, tuned respectively A', E, A, A/A.  It sounds glorious but the heavier strings do put extra tension on the wooden pegs of course.

...And so to the pegs.  I'm not an expert, but this is what works for me.  Take all the pegs off, but keeping them clearly associated with the hole they came from - in other words be careful to put them back in the exact hole/taper they came from.  I use very fine wire wool or similar to get off any residue from peg paste or any gloss.  Then put on peg dope or peg paste, lightly - just on the areas where the pegs bear on the pegbox.  You should be able to see the two rings on each peg clearly.  Put the peg in the hole and turn it both ways a number of times to distribute the paste evenly.  Try putting on an old string of the right dimensions, get it up to pitch and see if it slips.  If it slips, try some chalk on the same bearing surfaces.  That will make it stick more.  If the opposite - it turns notchily - try more paste to make it turn more smoothly.

BUT, there is a technique to tightening the pegs before you attempt the fine tuning of paste/chalk as above.  You have to use a screwdriver-type action, pushing in hard as you tighten.  And the bass strings, with their higher tension, are usually more susceptible to poor turning technique than the treble strings.

....Well that's quite enough for now.  Let us know how you get on and do ask more questions!


06/08/17 12:27:06PM @alamaine:

Thanks!  Happy to be here.

04/13/17 06:46:00AM @jddahl:

Thanks Marg for your message !

One of these days, I'll have time to play it again !


Helen Seiler
01/11/17 05:26:45PM @helen-seiler:

G'day Marg, SMN is Standard Music Notation. I can now read a little but mainly rely on Tab. I got my electric blues box guitar the other day and put it together with a bit of fiddling. For US$30 i am very impressed (if it doesnt fall apart). I have started on the lessons in the book and on the cd and am already feeling quite bluesy. I was surprised how well it plays thru my little Roland Microcube amp. Have you put yours together yet. I found the rivet holes were a little narrow... i just ran a metal skewer thru them and they widened out enough to tap the rivets in with a hammer.  i hope you are enjoying yours and thanks again for showing it to me. H x

01/11/17 12:55:53AM @marg:


that is so funny, I got one myself. Have not started putting it together yet, so much easier to dream of the finish piece. You have to up-date me on your progress. I hope it will be fun for you

Helen Seiler
12/25/16 06:07:06PM @helen-seiler:

G'day Marg... well it got the better of me. I received some Christmas money from my brother and he said on the card 'Buy something fun'. So I ordered the little blues box guitar kit. An online book store down here had the same one on sale down here with free postage. Thanks for showing it to me.. i think it will be fun... if i can put it together. Happy holidays and thanks again. Helen x

Helen Seiler
09/12/16 06:27:40PM @helen-seiler:

Hi Marg, it was so kind of you to contact me. Yes i have been missing in action on here for a while... my health has been a bit rough.. with a hand tremor that was affecting a few things including typing and playing... but it has finally improved over this last week.. so i will be back on board soon. How are you travelling Marg?

Geoff Black
09/08/16 09:44:34AM @geoff-black:

Hi Marg

You ask about epinette tuning....and unfortunately it's rather like asking how long is a piece of string!  The longer scale modern epinettes have a melody string tuned to D, but play in G - think DAA tuning and the root of the scale being on the 3rd fret.  The smaller ones are in G, but play in C (ditto).  The drones are tuned a fifth apart to match the G or C tuning respectively.  Using a 0.010 or 0.011 string as a reference on the melody string, try each tuning and see whether it is too slack or too tight.  Or just send me the scale length and I'll hazard a guess....!

Best of luck.


Jan Potts
08/26/16 01:28:12AM @jan-potts:

Hi, Marg!  You were asking about members of our dulcimer family affected by the flooding in Louisiana...I don't know who, specifically, but the Lagniappe Festival is held in Port Allen, LA each year and I know that area was flooded.