How do you DOCUMENT your songs?

Janene Millen
08/19/11 06:59:46AM

I have an entire binder of songs I'm always working on learning to sing. They always need new bits and pieces and improvement. I've developed ways to document what I have, to facilitate memorizing the song and would like to hear about anyone else's methods. I'm comfortable using Exel to lay it out and I have a color printer so I color the verse lines. In this song I've posted, I have the melody instrumental break noted at the end, and the basic singing accompaniment is with the lyrics. I always have to have the tuning as well, because it's always different and I have my songs organized in the binder by tuning, to be more productive when practicing. As an example...this is a traditional song "Dark Eyed Sailor" I've worked out andwant to learn. It is fingerpicked and I know the pattern I use so I don't have to note that. The version that I've heard and admire the most is by Karen Mal.


Would love to hear of other methods for documenting arrangements

added note: I work on historic music as well, and the melodies are not exactly in the mainstream, so I have to document enough to remember as much as I've learned about the song