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Posted a response to "The Drifting Thread...":
"Ken, the best of luck on your surgery and for recuperation.  If you can determine what sort of limitations you will face after surgery, then you might have a..."

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04/21/19 09:31:22PM @hugssandi:

Thinking of you fondly today while missin' "the good old days".

Dusty Turtle
01/15/17 12:45:42AM @dusty-turtle:

Glad to see you're back, Folkfan!

Robin Thompson
01/14/17 10:34:52PM @robin-thompson:

Hi, Keigh!  I've been wondering about you. . . Good to see you again!  :)

Robin Thompson
08/14/15 08:41:07PM @robin-thompson:

Hi, Folkfan!  I've missed you here on fotmd! 

Karel Votanek
05/15/14 03:16:22PM @karel-votanek:

Hello Folkfan,

thank you very much for your nice comment.

Es freut mich sehr,dass Dir das Lied gefllt.

Vielen dank

Karel aus Freilassig Smile.gif

Karel Votanek
12/07/13 02:19:23AM @karel-votanek:

Hallo Folkfan,

darf ich Dir eine Freunschaftsanfrage senden?

Vielen Dank

Karel Votanek,Deutschland Smile.gifSmile.gif

Karel Votanek
12/07/13 01:25:39AM @karel-votanek:

Hallo Folkfan,es freut mich sehr,dass ich mich unter Deine Freunde zhlen kann.

Vielen Dank

Karel VotanekSmile.gif

Karel Votanek
12/06/13 04:36:40PM @karel-votanek:

Hallo Folkfan,vielen Dank fr deinen netten Kommentar

Karel Votanek,DeutschlandSmile.gif

Karel Votanek
11/18/13 12:01:50PM @karel-votanek:

Hello Folkfan,thank you very much for your nice comment


James Phillips
03/04/13 05:09:22PM @james-phillips:

hey Keigh, hope all is well in Chicago area for you. What type of dulcimer is that in the picture of a dulcimer with your cat? I'd never scene one like that before.

Robin Thompson
08/06/12 03:25:05PM @robin-thompson:

If you meet FOTMD friends abroad, I imagine many of them have more than one mountain dulcimer and would be happy to share.Smile.gif

Robin Thompson
08/06/12 12:41:37PM @robin-thompson:

Folkfan, you're a treasure! Smile.gif

PS-Hope you get to meet some of our friends here when you go abroad next year!

Robin Thompson
07/28/12 09:20:06AM @robin-thompson:

Hope you're feeling better, Keigh, after the health scare of the past week. Hugs to the dulcimer world's folkfan!6.gif

Dusty Turtle
06/17/12 05:05:40PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks for your compliments on Lincoln and Liberty. That was the first tune I ever learned on the dulcimer.



John Henry
08/24/11 05:42:57PM @john-henry:

Folkfan, much of the Transatlantic/Aly McBain stuff can be found on Youtube should you wish to sample it ?


Stephanie Stuckwisch
08/23/11 04:58:17PM @stephanie-stuckwisch:


Just wanted to thank you for starting the Singing with the Mountain Dulcimer group. It looks like the most active one going at this time.


David E.Hall
08/03/11 08:35:37PM @david-ehall:
Folkfan, I was reading thro stuff as I do at 0130 european Time & I noticed you mentioned arthritis in your strumming hand, and your method of taping a plectrum to yout thumb. have you seen a thing called Shark Tooth ,they have a web site . Might be just what you are looking for. I got mine from Elderly Music a couple of years ago but have never used it, but that does not mean I won't at some time in the future. Just a thought, hope you dont' mind me adding my two cents.Smile.gif
Robin Thompson
05/21/11 11:04:37PM @robin-thompson:

Keigh, just wanting to wish you a happy & safe journey! The tales you'll have to tell. . .Smile.gif

John Henry
03/28/11 03:12:45PM @john-henry:

Thank you folkfan! I am glad that you enjoyed the tune. Any chance of us hearing you sing it, Pleezzzzzzzzzzze?


Sue Simms
11/26/10 10:31:54PM @sue-simms:
Great Thanksgiving to you ! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the Children and Family. Then theres after Thanksgiving Shopping-Black Friday. I avoid it and hibernate, don't want nothing to do with it. I will will do my shopping another Day. Grin.gif