Song Share

08/23/11 08:53:53PM

If you've heard an interesting song recently, or have an old favorite, will you please share it with us?

I'll start with a song I've recently been working on getting a tab done for. It's titled "The Shan Van Voght or Vocht" when translated phonetically. The song as is titled on the Makem Brothers album is Sean Bhean-Bhocht. It comes from the 1798 rebellion. And Ireland is compared to an old woman who is expecting great results from a French force that is landing to help the Irish. They didn't succeed.

But what I like about the song is the repetition of the words which will make learning lyrics easier, and I enjoy the melody and in the key of C Ionian or CGG, doesn't go past the 10th fret which makes it better for my voice range.

The Makem Brothers album is available on iTunes so you could get just the song if your interested. And on YouTube under Shan Van Vocht, Liam Clancy does the closest to the song as I'm learning it.

I'm going to see if I can find the lyrics as I haven't got my work on my word processing yet.

So anyone else got a song, or two that might be new to the rest or even one of us? Probably me!!!!!