Arranging for singing

Janene Millen
09/06/11 09:56:55PM
I just made a fingerpicking arrangment for a song which was my most complex as yet (for me). Arranging for singing is such a new challenge ...having an intro (kind of a hook), accompaniment that isn't straight mirrored melody, tags on the end of phrases (sometimes), musical breaks, and an ending. Any common experiences and insightsworth discussing about these issues? Of course my first efforts were just chording along, challenging enough of itself in the beginning. I also come from an acoustic guitar perspective so I'm most often looking for a guitar fingerpickingsound with 3 strings instead of 6. The song I did is not in public domain so I suppose I can't post it on this website. It's on YouTube
When You Say Nothing At All (Allison Krause). I've picked it up off and on for quite awhile so I'm a little sick of it right now. Wanted to document it on video and then MOVE ON!