Changing Gender and Politically Correct

03/01/12 02:04:34PM

Just curious as to others handle the problem or if you even consider it a problem of the gender of a song's singer or point of view. I'm working on "Spanish Is A Loving Tongue" which is was originally written from the Cowboy's point of view, but I've heard it sung in a gender neutral style and from a woman's singer's wording, but this has fewer verses. Examples of the 3 choices for wording


Spanish is a loving tongue

Soft as music light as spray

Was a girl I learned it from.


Was a girl he learned it from


'Twas a boy I learned it from.

As a female I lean towards the neutral voice as I can include more of the song this way.

And as to the other part of this topic as listed. Would you make the song PC or tend to leave in the part about the girl being Mexican, and the cowboy being white??????????

Last verse as I have it:

He hasn't seen her since that night, He can't cross the line, you know.

She was Mex and he was white; Like as not it's better so.

Yet he's always sort of missed her, Since that last sad night he kissed her.

He left her heart and lost his own. "Adios, mi corazon"