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01/31/23 08:29:24PM
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Jethro Amburgey #110

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Many thanks to this forum and specifically John Gribble.  Nearly three years ago right at the beginning of Covid I posted a "in search of a Jethro Amburgey dulcimer" on FOTMD and was connected to John.  Jethro is my ggranduncle and I had been on the lookout for one of his dulcimers.  Almost immediately I was contacted by John.  John was more than happy to put the dulcimer in the hands of a family member.  The problem was that John, and the dulcimer was in Japan.  We stayed in touch periodically waiting for the opportunity make the 'exchange".  After a series of attempts John made it to the States two weeks ago, and last week I was able to hold a beautiful instrument built by the hands of a relative 83 years ago.

Once again thank you John and those that put me in touch with him many months ago.