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Johnny Don't Get Drunk - Grant Olson

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:40
This is the second song I played in the finalist round of the 2019 National Mountain Dulcimer Championship.

For this song, I started with an arrangement by my teacher, Karen Mueller. Then I added some parts in different octaves and also the minor version.

This is a chromatic dulcimer I made myself. In this song it is tuned to DAAd. I made this dulcimer first for "Rondo Alla Turca", which I also competed with. In "Johnny Don't Get Drunk", I did not really need all four strings, though I make use of them sometimes, to make the melody easier. Most of the time, the extra A string just rings out as a drone, which gives the song a unique sound.
Steven Berger
10/21/19 04:30:12AM @steven-berger:


Dusty Turtle
10/21/19 12:11:56AM @dusty-turtle:

Phenomenal! clap

Kevin R.
10/20/19 10:39:49PM @kevin-r:

Man that sure would be really great if you could get it up to speed. haha Amazing picking! Thanks for posting this.