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Autumn's Farewell - Original Composition

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:03:40
This is an original composition I wrote recently on the dulcimer. It is basically a waltz, but the C part switches rhythm and I haven't yet figured out what exactly happens.
Thanks to my friend Martha for helping me brainstorm the title! I stumbled across the first few chords just before leaving to go to a corn maze so it's fitting.
11/27/19 07:26:29AM @ariane:

Sooo beautiful, Granto!

Christine Shoemaker
11/17/19 08:52:50PM @christine-shoemaker:

Absolutely gorgeous!  Bravo, Granto!!!  

Don Grundy
11/13/19 12:18:06AM @don-grundy:

BRAVO!  Thank you!  Keep playing and posting!  It’s an inspiration!

Dusty Turtle
11/13/19 12:05:10AM @dusty-turtle:

Extraordinary!  Both stimulating and relaxing. And you make that Ewing dulcimer sing like a bell on a crisp morning.

I tried unsuccessfully to figure out the timing on that C part.  It's really fun regardless of what's going on.

Steven Berger
11/12/19 09:48:39PM @steven-berger:

A very nice tune, Granto!