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Old Joe's Whiskey

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:07
This is a fun fiddle tune I wrote, meant to be a blend of Old Joe Clark and Whiskey Before Breakfast, two fiddle tunes I have played a lot.

One fun bit of info: I composed this a while ago (a year or more), but never wrote it down! I remembered the A part but not the B part, so wrote a new B part. While it turned out well, I highly recommend preserving in some way any ideas you have, before you lose them.

Lastly, this is a new dulcimer build! It is still cardboard, Styrofoam, and chromatic; but most notable is the tuning. It is tuned to 'Dada', so the standard 'Dad' with an extra high 'A'. The fret board is also wider than usual to accommodate the 4th string. To me this feels like a very natural extension of tunings I am already used to, with some extra range. I believe I will be playing this a lot more.
01/09/20 01:06:14PM @redmando:

Great hybrid tune - and a lovely tone on that instrument!

Steven Berger
12/20/19 05:46:48PM @steven-berger:

dulcimermusicpimentomrdancejoyjoythumbsup .........And that dulcimer sounds great!

12/20/19 05:15:55AM @ariane:

Oh Grant - please tell me that the speed setting of the video was set much higher by mistake and that this is not the real playing tempo grin

That was masterful! Wow!

Dusty Turtle
12/19/19 11:19:13PM @dusty-turtle:

Nice playing.  And I love your styrolcimers!