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Arkansas Traveler - with minor version!

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:14
I've been playing this arrangement for a while and thought I'd share. This is Arkansas Traveler, but as I often enjoy doing, I made a minor version. It is super fun to play and sounds especially good on my new Blue Lion dulcimer (tuned to AEAE)! It doesn't come through quite as well in the recording but when I hit the low A string it resonates very well and sounds really cool.

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Robin Thompson
01/25/21 10:33:42AM @robin-thompson:

I'm a fan, Grant!  Ohio is cooler with you making music here.  :)

Dusty Turtle
01/21/21 10:42:16PM @dusty:

Sounds greato, Granto.  It's nice to see you making such fine use of the Blue Lion.