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Cello Suite 1 - Courante - Bach

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:54
This is the third of six parts in Bach's cello suite 1. Whew, it's a challenge! I've realized I need to practice better so it doesn't take me so many attempts to make a good video.

Right now I'm playing on a cardboard dulcimer, partly because the vsl is shorter (58 cm) and therefore slightly easier to play. For the full video, (coming hopefully by the end of April), I will use my Blue Lion dulcimer and also hopefully a better mic system.

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Jan Potts
04/03/21 04:05:22AM @jan-potts:

That's quite a finger workout, executed beautifully!

03/01/21 06:46:52AM @ariane:

Fantastic - and it looks so easy when you play!

Dusty Turtle
02/25/21 08:48:26PM @dusty-turtle:

Amazing.  And beautiful. But just amazing.

Robin Thompson
02/23/21 08:25:55PM @robin-thompson:

Wow, this is ever so lovely, Grant!  

You should make arrangements to go over to the Governor's house and, keeping proper distance, play this for the Governor & Fran!  They'd love it, I bet!