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Rosin the Beau/The Blackest Crow

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Duration: 00:04:13
As I've been experimenting more with my "flexible fingerpicking" technique, I stumbled across these two songs. They work really well on the dulcimer, and really well together. I hope you like them!

I used a stick dulcimer again, this was mostly just because it sounded good and this dulcimer fit well. Also stick dulcimers are the only non chromatic dulcimers I haveXD I apologize for the slight buzzing sound or whatever it is; the board I've been using is getting warped so the stick doesn't have such good contact. It still works though.

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01/19/22 07:51:01PM @davisjames:

That is beautiful.I've sung and known Rosin the Bow all my life,never heard it on the dulcimer...the second tune is mighty as well...