Different fingerpicks

06/20/20 11:03:28AM

Hello, All,

I'm always trying to maximize the sonic potentials of my dulcimers (or just of the dulcimer in general), and have been trying out and using various finger picks, since I can't keep my fingernails long.  Furthermore, the picks produce a greater variety of sounds than I could make with my fingernails. 

I wanted to share that I've figured out a way to get a sharp point with nail clippers and a nail file on the Fred Kelly Delrin finger picks (which by themselves, worn the correct way, produce too dull a sound for me).  Having the sharp point on the Fred Kelly allows for a sound like that of regular plastic picks but also allows the possibility of frailing away from you.  (I wear the Kelly pick backwards, for comfort and for smooth take-off from the string.) 

What I like about fingerpicking, of course, is the possibility of playing 3 of the four equidistant strings, even if they're separated (for instance, 1, 2, and 4), simultaneously.  I also like the fact that different fingers, with their differing strength and positions above the strings, produce different sounds and tonal qualities.

Anyway, I wanted to show you all the picks I've been focusing on, in case others want to try them.  I've found the ProPik FingerTone picks allow for the muting of the string with your finger pad, so preventing the clanging sound of the average metal or plastic finger picks as they hit the string, but I also like them for the tone they can produce. 

I post a picture of my finger picks below:  the sharpened, pointed Fred Kelly, worn as I do when I play with it (it can be put on any finger), a standard Dunlop metal pick (which produces a nice, softer tone, but can clang against the string when muting it, if you're not careful), the unsharpened Kelly finger pick worn the regular way, and the ProPik FingerTone pick. 

Just some choices for people to consider!