multiple modules in TablEdit

Dusty Turtle
09/25/13 01:04:28AM

Just another in my long line of TablEdit questions.

TablEdit allows us to create several "modules" which would usually be parts for different instruments.

I have done that for a Bach canon with four dulcimer parts. It works very well. I can listen to one part at a time, all of them together, or any combination of the four.

But I haven't been able to figure out how to do two things.

First, I would like to display all four parts on the same page. Is that possible? I can easily switch between them to view one at a time, but I cannot figure out how to display them together so you can more easily see the harmonies that are created.

Second, I would like to print out (or create a pdf fileof)each individual part. But whenever I print (or print to pdf) I get the first module regardless of which module I am viewing when I hit the print button.

Any help?

Incidentally, a member of my dulcimer group, Paul Furnas, first presented this transcription of Bach's Double Mirro Canon to us. The first part is very easy with nothing but 8 half notes that repeat, making it ideal for beginners. And the third and fourth parts are a bit more complicated with eighth and a few sixteenth notes, requiring intermediate skills. It is an ideal piece for a group of people with varied experience on the dulcimer to play together. Hopefully soon I'll be posting a video of our group playing this fun canon.