Chord Resource and new tuning.

09/26/22 06:43:31PM

Here is an amazing chord generator for those playing 4 equidistant strings and looking for chord fingerings. It does not work for less than 4 strings. DAAA works, DAdd does not work.

I was using the string tension tool on the site then, out of curiosity, went there to check out the chord generator since I was trying a new tuning D3G3A3d4.

The new tuning is the same as the 4 higher strings of a guitar tuning [DADGAD] that allows playing in DGD and DAd using 1 dulcimer, no re-tuning. The open chord is a sus4. So far it has worked out fine. I've attempted tunes in both and tried some chord practice for both keys.

It made finding the chords a simple task.