Four-Equidistant Strings

Four-Equidistant Strings
A place to share about 4-equidistant string playing, how and why we do it, tunings we use, how to make the switch from 3-string... etc.!

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Heidi Muller

Tips to Learn 4-Eq. Strings

@Heidi Muller started 14 years ago - replies: 28

Chord Resource and new tuning.

@Skip started 2 years ago - replies: 0

Fiddle/Mando tuning question....

@ValerieK started 3 years ago - replies: 1
Bob Stephens

String spacing and fretboard width

@Bob Stephens started 4 years ago - replies: 4

Including an extra bass string

@tpatts started 5 years ago - replies: 1

Exotic Chords

@Rachael started 5 years ago - replies: 5


@Rachael started 6 years ago - replies: 6

Tuning to D-G-d-d

@Rachael started 6 years ago - replies: 3
Parker Buckley

Setting up and playing a Mize dulcimer

@Parker Buckley started 11 years ago - replies: 3


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