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A tribute to our teachers and the PC staff

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Carter, one of my fellow Peace Corps volunteers, wrote a beautiful song that group 126 sang to our language teachers, the Peace Corps staff and the managers for all they have done for us during our Pre-Service Training. Carter really wanted me to play my dulcimer during the song.
John Keane
03/16/14 11:29:20AM @john-keane:

That was really beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Smile.gif

Jim Damico
03/15/14 06:35:09PM @jim-bagsh:

Thanks Nila. I've spent the first 2 months training, like learning the language, and now I will swear in as a US Peace Corps volunteer and spend the next 2 years working in a rural community in northern Thailand as a Teacher Trainer. And learning how to play the local music on the dulcimer too. :)

Jim Damico
03/15/14 12:05:15AM @jim-bagsh:

Thanks Phil. I read an article once of a Marine who later joined the Peace Corps and he said they were more alike than you would have thought. And it's never too late. In my Thailand training group, there are 7 of us over 50 years old and we even have two 69 year olds who will turn 70 this year. Now, I've 24 months to improve my dulcimer playing. :)

03/14/14 10:13:57PM @phil:

That was awesome. I had a cousin that was in the Peace Corps. I thought about it joining to, but the marines always had a hold on me.