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John Keane
@john-keane • 2 months ago • comments: 8
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"Dusty, that's very cool!  Both Michael and Howard have seen this dulcimer and my Bigfoot dulcimer (the one pictured here is Squatch) in photos.  I would love..."
John Keane
@john-keane • 2 months ago • comments: 8
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"Susie, it's a nod to the Rugg brothers who founded Folkroots Dulcimers years ago.  The building where all of those instruments were built is now the Bigfoot..."
John Keane
@john-keane • 2 months ago • comments: 1
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"Remember that registration is going on now for Arkladulcifest! Registering early saves you $25 on the regular adult fee. We've had some questions about..."

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Dewey Parker
09/25/17 10:16:32PM @dewey-parker:

Hi, John. It has been some time since I chatted with you and Karen. I just enjoyed some of your videos on youtube and decided to check in with you on a special instrument that I have. It is a Concert Grand by Dwayne Wilder of Bear Meadow Dulcimers. It is not a standard Concert Grand, but highly specialized at my request. It is truly one of a kind. If you know of someone in your circle of influence who may be interested in such an instrument, I can provide a complete description along with photos. Just let me know. Other than that, I just wanted to drop by and say hello to both of you, and again, to tell you how much I enjoy listening to your music. Please keep in touch now that I am back in the loop.

Dewey Parker

the Dewey Dulcimer System

Grand on Couch-2.jpg
Grand on Couch-2.jpg  •  220KB

Grand on Couch-2.jpg
Grand on Couch-2.jpg  •  220KB

Joan Roberts
01/23/17 11:10:00PM @joan-roberts:

How can I obtain info on the festival in June if I am not on Facebook?  

04/29/16 12:17:22PM @blondie:

KMW sounds fun. I think I may have known what that was...but drew a blank. ha.

But first, I am excited for the Arkladulcifest coming up in June! Benton, Arkansas is just a few hours drive for me. I do have a variety of instruments for sale (finally downsizing) so I am bringing them along to display. Who knows, maybe someone will want to trade a flute for one of my instruments for sale!


04/29/16 08:10:23AM @heartsmusic:

Great, I will plan on shopping with you.

04/28/16 08:40:55PM @blondie:

Some people say that they are taking your flute classes as KMW. What is KMW?

I have a Sparrow Hawk A and a pocket flute A - and am taking your flute classes in Benton. You said on someone else's page that you would be focusing on B and D. I am showing my newbie-ness, but does that mean you need a B or D flute???



04/28/16 10:40:28AM @heartsmusic:

Thanks John,

Do you have any Flute maker recommendations? I look forward to KMW, it will be my first trip there.  I an sure it will be exciting.





04/24/16 03:57:43PM @thefatcyclist:

Thank you.



04/13/16 10:45:01AM @blondie:

Thank you. Are you one of the key players of the Arkansas festival coming up in June?

Bill Brand
04/02/16 07:22:24PM @bill-brand:

Thanks for the warm welcome.  I've already found some great things on this site that will keep me busy for a while. Thanks again.

Black Dog Bess
04/01/16 04:48:18PM @black-dog-bess:

Hi John! Thanks for the welcome to FOTMD. I am just a beginner but am looking forward to learning more from the group. Thank you again, it is great to find such a friendly group.  Barb, Blackdogbess

Sandy Clifton
04/01/16 08:10:39AM @sandy-clifton:

Hello, thanks for the welcome.  I look forward to chatting with you. 

Dave Maron
03/10/16 10:17:12PM @dave-maron:

Thanks, John!

Helen Seiler
03/07/16 04:49:47PM @helen-seiler:

G'day John.. just adding to the brief reply i posted  on the vid clip page. Thanks again so much for your advice when i was considering (and getting nervous about) getting a 1.5 fret. Yep I love it!!! And it did only take a week of ignoring it when playing, to get used to it... then another week to start figuring out how to use it.    

The other day i decided to make my practise and writing sessions a little lesss lonely... i have ordered a simple looper to muck around with (Boss RC3)... it will be great to have another dulcimer sound to play to (i confess to playing along with my vids sometimes just to  hear 2 dulcimers together).  I wont  be doing anything like Christine but i think it will be a whole lot of fun and advance my understanding of my dulcimer a whole lot more. I also have pickups on my 2 guitars, banjo and uke so it should be a whole lot of fun (or frustration lol). I can even plug my music keyboard or a flash drive into it... oh and it has a good selection of backing rhythms too.  But will keep it very simple to start with.

I guess you and Karen are coming into the busy season festival wise.. have a great time... like anyone who sees u perform.. i love what you guys do. Helen






03/07/16 12:36:16PM @nicole-bartlett:

Thank you!  :)

02/14/16 10:24:25PM @donnamcderrick:

Thanks so much!  Looks like a great site :)

Sweet Fingers
02/02/16 12:18:40PM @sweet-fingers:

Thank you!  Looking forward to learning to play the mountain dulcimcer!

John W. McKinstry
01/30/16 10:27:02AM @john-w-mckinstry:

John, I always look forward to your postings and would love to have you as a friend.  I think you will like my latest: Where Will I Shelter My Sheep Tonight. John McKinstry

01/28/16 08:31:45AM @spched:

Thanks for the welcome!

01/19/16 08:00:59AM @freddieb:

Why thank you sir!

01/17/16 08:15:18PM @teriann:

Thank you for the welcome. I'm going to take a look around. There's so much here!