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Black Dog Bess
10/27/16 10:01:42AM @black-dog-bess:

Hi Joe! I'm Barb, AKA BlackdogBess and am also going to Wartz. What kind of strumsticks are you bringing? I have Merlins but may not bring them if you have the same. Also, what kind of psaltery do you have?

Looking forward to Wartz! Barb

Jim Fawcett
06/30/15 06:37:31PM @jim-fawcett:

Joe, there is a problem that Lisa is working on right now with Cometchat. Hang in a little longer and things should be right as rain. Lisa also is having problems with it too


Stewart McCormick
03/14/14 01:44:07PM @stewart-mccormick:
And a strummin' Post some videos when you feel up to it!
Stewart McCormick
03/14/14 01:43:27PM @stewart-mccormick:
Thanks Joe! I live in Miltonvale and know a few Budkes! I'm actually going to Beloit this evening to visit a friend who works at the Mitchell County Hospital! Sorry it took me a while to respond, was under the weather for most of this week... And I leave myself logged in most of the time ha ha. Have a great weekend and keep toe tappin' ;)