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Coilsfield House

Coilsfield House

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This is to a special friend on fotmd you know who you are. tis Coilsfield House on Hammer absolute favorite tune to perform... it brings me right into the zone hope you all enjoy it.... i miss performing.
08/04/19 12:21:39AM @jp:

Ron Zuckerman:

Absolutely lovely!

thanks ron i appreciate it... have a listen to some of the other tunes i have posted.

Ron Zuckerman
08/03/19 04:48:07PM @ron-zuckerman:

Absolutely lovely!

08/03/19 12:25:56PM @jp:


So adorable, Jim - your playing and this wonderful melody moves me to tears.

i do not know if i ever replied to this... but thank you Ariane... havent been around much lately ... maybe i will be back *S*

03/08/19 12:05:24PM @jp:

Thank you for your kind words Paula.

i play an old Dusty Strings D300. My hearing has gone south on me a bit so my instruments sound tinny to me sometimes, so it is nice to hear it sounds good jive


Paula Brawdy
03/06/19 06:49:14AM @paula-brawdy:

Beautiful... I also play both mtn and Hammered dulcimer...I will have to dig the music out and play this one... What brand of HD do you have?  It sounds very nice!

Steven Berger
02/12/19 08:37:46PM @steven-berger:

Nicely played, JP!

02/12/19 05:14:13PM @ariane:

So adorable, Jim - your playing and this wonderful melody moves me to tears.

Robin Thompson
02/12/19 03:51:37PM @robin-thompson:

What a lovely tune beautifully played, Jp! 

I hope your special friend here sees your posting!