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Horse Bransle Hurdy Gurdy

Horse Bransle Hurdy Gurdy

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this is off one of my CD's called Gaelic Soup. it is called Horse bransle (brawl) i like to call i Horse Bransle gone tribal.
05/09/18 12:41:01PM @jp:

Thank you all for your kind words grin

Robin Thompson
05/09/18 11:48:26AM @robin-thompson:

Way cool.  I love the transitions between the regular parts and the scarier-sounding parts. 

04/26/18 03:23:54PM @elvensong:

Fantastic! You play like a madman!

I really love the hurdy gurdy but they are sooooo hard to find and I've never found a decent sampled hurdy gurdy for the DAW.



04/26/18 01:18:42PM @ariane:

Sounds great and powerful!

Dusty Turtle
04/25/18 01:43:00PM @dusty-turtle:

Excellent! I love that energy!

robert schuler
04/25/18 11:24:34AM @robert-schuler:

Thanks, I love this tune. I played it in Dorian and Ionian modes. Sounds good either way...

Correction, I ment Aeolian mode not ionian. 

04/24/18 09:14:19PM @strumelia:

Nice job!  I always like the minor spooky part of Horse's Branle.