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Foggy Mountain Top

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Duration: 00:01:16
Mountain Dulcimer playing of old time tune Foggy Mountain Top.
07/31/23 08:54:48PM @leslie:

Thanks Cindy for your kind comment. My "style" is pretty much no (standard) style. LOL. I was well into playing before I actually started looking at how-to strum videos and by then I could not undo my own bad-habits-style so I did not try. I suppose it is a hard-driving fiddle style full of 16th and 32nd notes where I play the rhythm I hear in my head, though I do play some slower songs too. But I have fun.

Cindy Stammich
07/30/23 10:17:25PM @cindy-stammich:

Leslie,  What a great video!  I love your style and the pictures really give that old- time feeling!  Perfect ending❤️

07/24/23 11:04:12PM @leslie:

The lyrics tend to tell a story of missed or lost love. I tried to tell the story in the pictures of youthful delinquency, redemption, the girl who waited, and finally lasting happiness. Thanks so much for giving your time to listen.