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NGFDA Fall Festival -(GA)

NGFDA Fall Festival -(GA)

Thursday November 21 2019, 10:30 PM
@ Unicoi State Park Lodge, Helen, Georgia
Attendees:  @Pamela Deemer@Silverstrings

North Georgia Foothills Dulcimer Association Fall Festival: Mountain and hammered dulcimer workshops Thursday through Saturday, Sunday, general gathering. Concerts, Thursday and Friday night; contra dance, Saturday night.

Instructors: Joe Collins, Matthew Dickerson, Nancy Galambush, Lois Hornbostel, Judy and Kirk House, Anne Lough, Jim Miller, Michael Shull, Ehukai Teves, Rick Thum, Mary Lynn Van Deventer.

15-20 vendors plus a swap table for used personal instruments. (Sell old to buy new!)

Lots and lots of jamming for all levels. (Jim Miller, Rick Thum, and Joe Collins will make it so!)

Plus a couple ukulele classes by Hawaiian Ehukai Teves, in addition to his mountain dulcimer classes. Hammered dulcimer expert Matthew Dickerson will also teach a pennywhistle class. (Easier to carry when also lugging a hammered dulcimer and stand!)

Set in the beautiful North Georgia mountains, the Lodge is huge with hotel rooms, a large dining room, a tavern, and a real shop, and at least 12 areas for workshops and several big lobbies good for jamming. Near-by Helen also has many hotels/motels and restaurants plus non-festival attractions.

Go to for more information, registration, and Lodge rates. (Registration, $125 for NGFDA members, $155 for non-members, $55 single day, $50 child under 12 years of age. Registration includes concert tickets.) Problems registering?: Contact Mike Vandemark,


Pamela Deemer
10/11/19 11:11:17PM @pamela-deemer:

The North Georgia Foothills Dulcimer Association's Board decided to extend the deadline for registering for its Fall Festival (Nov. 21-24 at the Unicoi State Park Lodge) to October 31st to try to make amends for the festival's prior uncertainty.

Go to for more information on the festival and to register online. Scroll down past the large logo to see the information and link to the registration page with buttons for registering, membership dues, t-shirt/tote bag/tab book purchases. After registering and purchasing, go back to that registration page for the  class selection buttons (no pictures, just buttons (ex.: TH-1, FR-3, SA-5) to put in the cart. Then finish.

Pamela Deemer
10/11/19 09:46:44AM @pamela-deemer:

The Festival is definitely on., despite the lower number of participants. It will cost the North Georgia Foothills Dulcimer Association much less to have it than to cancel it. Go to ngfda for more information. Scroll down from the logo for more information.

Pamela Deemer
09/28/19 02:32:28PM @pamela-deemer:

Uh oh, I don't see a link to register for the NGFDA Fall Festival. It's Scroll down to see all the information.

Pamela Deemer
09/28/19 02:22:46PM @pamela-deemer:

Previous attendees may have noticed a change in the organization of the NGFDA Fall Festival at the Unicoi State Park Lodge in Helen GA. In the recent past years, there were three full days of workshops, two 90 minute workshops in the morning and one two hour workshop in the afternoon for a total of nine workshop times for 15 hours. This year, Nov. 21-24, registration packet pick-up begins at 10:30 a.m. Thursday morning, and the classes begin in the afternoon. Notice now instead of one 2 hour class in the afternoons, there are two 90 minute ones. As a matter of fact, now Friday and Saturday have two 90 minute workshops morning and afternoon. Overall, we now have ten workshop times for the same 15 total hours! There is still time to eat, jam, and shop at noon, as well.

Pamela Deemer
09/26/19 11:31:53PM @pamela-deemer:

Last year the after concert contra dance with the attendee pick-up band was a great success. But people also expressed they didn't have enough time afterward to jam to their hearts content. Well, this year, Saturday night will be devoted to the contra dance for the hour and a half the concert usually took. No concert, but more jam time this year for the last night of the festival.

09/10/19 08:57:49AM @silverstrings:

This is one of the longest standing Dulcimer Festivals. The classes that are offered are of all different levels. Amazing choices for workshops.  This is a festival that you don’t want to miss. Right in the North Georgia Mountains in the beautiful Alpine Village of Helen, Georgia.