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"SI BHEAG, SI MHOR" on Dulcimer & Bowed Psaltery

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:03:08
My friend Peter Tommerup was one of my first Dulcimer teacher/encourager.
Dusty Turtle
08/31/19 12:53:15PM @dusty-turtle:

I wish I could just reach into the screen, grab the mandolin off the couch, and join you guys!  Nice playing, as always, Peter.  You make some of those ornamental flourishes look effortless.

Peter Tommerup
08/31/19 06:49:45AM @peter-tommerup:

I originally learned this wonderful old Irish harp air (O'Carolan's first composition) from Michael Rugg & Michael Hubbert of CapriTaurus about 1976. Fell for it hook, line & sinker, & have been enjoying playing it & evolving some variations ever since. 

Gregg Schneeman, my pal on the bowed psaltery--although only using  one bow here--pioneered playing with 2 bows, which has caught on in a big way in the world of bowed psalteries. 

Hope you enjoy it!