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The Haven Of Rest

Artist: Played by myself
Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:02:20

I took another stab at The Haven of Rest (Gilmour, 1890). I played it on my dulcimer, and then backed it up with dulcimer, baritone ukulele, mandolin, and concert banjolele (all played by myself). This represents my first attempt at mixing and mastering in Audacity.

03/14/19 08:55:13AM @ariane:

I like it very much, Peter!

Richard Streib
03/14/19 08:42:57AM @richard-streib:

So well done. Thank you for sharing.

Robin Thompson
03/12/19 10:23:20PM @robin-thompson:

Peter, nicely played!  

Off the top of my head, Jean Ritchie's play of Haven of Rest is the only other one I recall played on mountain dulcimer.  

03/12/19 04:05:05PM @kjb:

Great job.  I want to find the time to play several instruments and mix a track... one day.  I’m new to dulcimer, but also play mandolin and ukulele.

Dusty Turtle
03/12/19 02:48:06PM @dusty-turtle:

Nice playing, @Ptsgp. I have been wanting to learn how to mix tracks using Audacity for a while. I have failed where you have succeeded.  Kudos!

Steven Berger
03/12/19 10:07:23AM @steven-berger:

Very nicely played, Ptsgp!