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Location: Salt Springs, Florida
Country: US

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Salt Springs
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Salt Springs

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Salt Springs

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Salt Springs

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Civil War Genre:  Battle Hymn of the Republic

Civil War Genre: Battle Hymn...

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Celtic Meditation

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Wayfaring Stranger

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Battle Hymn of the Republic

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Desert Dreams

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Rock of Ages (Toplady)

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Cindy Stammich
05/17/17 10:19:45PM @cindy-stammich:

Hi Salt,

Thank you so much for your input regarding the copyright question on "The Old Country Church"!

You were right on, and I have contacted them to see what I need to do!

I really appreciate it as this is one of my Mom's favorite songs, as well as some good friends.

They don't know what I am working on smiler

Thanks again!

Helen Seiler
04/25/17 08:53:27PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks Salt.. that really means a lot to me. Keep up the great work.

Christine Shoemaker
03/30/17 09:02:34AM @christine-shoemaker:

Hello Salt Springs!  I hope you are well.  Thank you so much for your comment on my YouTube channel.  That was very kind of you and much appreciated!  HUG  

John W. McKinstry
10/03/16 10:05:39PM @john-w-mckinstry:

Hi Salt Springs, Thanks for your help in finding a hymn tune in the Public Domain. See new hymn tune

to "Be Patient and Be Gentle"..which is now set to "O Perfect Love".  Thanks John McKinstry and Anne

Karel Votanek
06/14/16 02:18:05PM @karel-votanek:

Hi Salt Springs,

thank you very much for your nice comment.

Karel   music

Gordon Hardy
05/09/16 08:08:18PM @gordon-hardy:

For sure Salt Springs, I can comment on the wildfire at Fort McMurray. It's a city of 88,000 folks located in the boreal forest of northeastern Alberta and servicing the oil sands. On May 1 the city was notified by provincial officials of a wildfire in the forest southwest of the city which may be cause for concern. By Tuesday, parts of the city were on fire, people living south of the Athabasca river bridge were evacuated to the south and people living north of the river bridge were evacuated to work camps in the oil sands and to first nations communities north of the city. About 25,000 folks were sent north. The folks sent south about 60,000 people went out on highway 63 to everywhere else in Alberta, but mostly to Edmonton the capital of the province. The 25,000 people sent north were cut off because of fires in the city, they have now been flown out by special charters and have convoyed out with RCMP assistance and protection. Out of 25,000 structures in the city, approximately 1600 have been destroyed, it looks like a war zone. Albertans and Canadians in general have been assisting in any way that we can, the Canadian Red Cross is accepting monetary donations if you wish to assist. I will post some video of the fire, hope that will be okay with the moderators.

Salt Springs
04/15/16 02:03:40PM @salt-springs:

These are from top to bottom......

Meditation Bambo, by Erik the Flute Maker

Anasazi, by Michael Graham Allen, Coyote Oldman

Woodpecker, by Vance Pennington

F# Beaded, MGA, Coyote Oldman

F by MGA, Coyote Oldman

C Water Spirit by Ken Light


03/26/16 10:00:01PM @iilovemd:

Thank you so much for the quick reply to my very first post on FOTMD! I am also a fan of SRF. That was great - your explanation of the indian scale versus the western scale being a difference of white and black keys. Perhaps that is why I have had some extra difficulty playing by ear (which is not my forte anyway!). Just knowing the melody notes for a few bhajans would be AMAZING. In the meantime, I'll definitely give your tip a try for how to use the drone string : ) 

Charles Thomas
02/14/16 11:12:32PM @charles-thomas:

Thanks Salt Springs! I recorded that with a Blue "Snowball" USB mic and ran it through Garageband on my Mac. I put a little reverb and a touch of echo.

John E. Wood
07/01/15 12:04:38PM @john-e-wood:

Welcome Salt Springs. Good to see you here on FOTMD. We look forwrd to your participation. Best wishes.

Rob N Lackey
06/30/15 05:35:26PM @rob-n-lackey:

Welcome, Salt Springs, to this little corner of dulcimer heaven.  Hope you enjoy it here.