Museum Replica Bowed Zither

Ken Hulme
11/21/22 07:59:07AM

Back in 1865 or so, a fractur artist, schoolteacher, woodworker named Jacob Gross, a "Pennsylvania German" from Bucks County Pennsylvania, built himself a bowed zither and played it for many years.  In 1901, he gave the instrument to Henry Mercer, who was seeking all sorts of craft items for a museum of Americana which he was opening.  Now known as Acquisition #726 (no a very glamorous name).  It can still be seen in their collection today.  

A few years ago, with the gracious help of the Mercer staff, I built a replica of a Fretted Zither also made by Jacob around the same time.  When I acquired scientific photos and measurements of the fretted zither, they also sent me the same information for #726.