Restoring the finish on old Dulcimers.

Glenda  Hubbard
11/03/18 11:18:45AM

 There has been a discussion going on about restoring a Keith Young Dulcimer, For restoring the finish  Dusty turtle recommended a product called  Howard's Feed-N-Wax wood polish and conditioner with orange oil. I bought some yesterday and applied it to three of my old dulcimers.A McSpadden built in 1980 and old traditional dulcimer that was built in 1972 and an Etty Beedy not so old! it made a huge difference in their appearance especially the traditional one it brought the grain of the wood which wasn't noticeable before  It looks like walnut in the picture but I'm pretty sure its not. probably some kind of ply . I cant wait to give my old courting dulcimer a good cleaning with it. A big plus it smells so good and makes your hands feel so silky. Thanks Dusty!