Dance of the Little Dog - for OLD STYLE Drone & Noter players

Robin Thompson
05/04/14 08:07:11PM


Mark and I put this little tune together several weeks ago-- it is named to honor our old & goofy little dog.

NOTES: I am strumming with a plastic pick cut from the lid of a can of peanuts on a Jerry Rockwell-built small Kentucky hourglass instrument and have it tuned DdG. Mark is playing a Larrivee guitar in standard tuning. The recording was done with a Zoom H2 set on a table nearby-- we try to position ourselves and our instruments to achieve balance.

I am a lap dulcimer "porch player" and am fortunate enough to be married to a guitar player whose skills are better than mine. As a rule, our tunes are composed on dulcimer then Mark adds accompaniment.

An aside: The past year-and-a-half, most of my internet use is done on an iPad mini and flash audio and video are no longer supported. It has been a loss to me to be so limited in enjoying the music of others here on FOTMD. (I have an app for flash play but it is not easy to navigate a site with it.) The iPad has been a lifesaver, though, because I am able to keep in-touch with the dulcimer world even during times I happen to be away from home, staying at my aging parents' home.