Flower of Scotland

Steve Battarbee
10/29/14 10:34:15AM

Messing about again on my Red Kite I found myself playing the first few bars of something I recognised as Flower of Scotland so even though I'm not Scottish I thought I would have a go at learning it by ear (which might explain the bits I've probably got wrong)

For me, as with many pieces of well known music I think I had not listened to it properly until I started to play it and learn the words. I think its a really good and interesting tune.

I thought it was a very old song but when I was looking for sources I found it had been written in the 1960s by The Corries (although I stand to be corrected as my research was not exactly thorough)

I guess 1960s makes it an 'old song' but I assume still under copyright!

I think it is generally accepted to be the national anthem of Scotland and would certainly have been the official anthem had Scotland voted for independence from the UK

I'm playing in Ddd

Anyway here is my stab at it - See link below