Better Get Hit in Yo' Soul

Dusty Turtle
01/11/15 05:04:26PM

OK, some tunes you work on for months. (I've been working on Pig Ankle Rag for over a year and it's still not ready for prime time.) Some tunes come out of nowhere prepackaged and ready to go. This is a Charles Mingus tune which I heard on a CD years ago by Maceo Parker (sax player with James Brown & George Clinton). At the supermarket on Friday, the tune kept running through my head. As soon as I got home I grabbed the dulcimer to see if I could find it, and it was all there. I mean right there and ready to go. I played it for River City Dulcimers  on Saturday and recorded it (sorry about the muffled mic) on Sunday. Dedicated to my brother from another mother whom I couldn't see this weekend even though he made the drive from the Central Coast.

I am playing a cherry/spruce dulcimer made by Rick Probst and tuned DAd.