One day I will walk by Bruce Cockburn

Steve Battarbee
01/23/15 11:43:54AM

Don't you love it when you return to an album you've not played for ages and find that one of the tracks you used to skip over is really quite good and for me its even better if there's a chance of playing it N&D!!

That was the case with kd lang's 'Songs from the 49th paralle'l CD which was released around 10 years ago

I still haven't got where I'd like to be in terms of playing and singing at the same time despite much practice.

I think I need some guidance on finding the right key for voice and MD but maybe that is for a different posting

One day I will walk is a song written by Bruce Cockburn but here's my take on it as influenced by kd's version (see the link to Vimeo below)