Clothes & gear when playing for historical settings

08/04/17 08:44:29AM

Thought I'd post this here to chatter about what we bring/use/wear when we go to gigs or gatherings in Civil War reenactment type settings.  It's a big subject!

Knowing that there's a broad spectrum of how strict or lax various folks are in terms of 'authenticity'- maybe we can allow for that while sharing cool stuff we have found or what we do.  ;)  
For my own part, I find it's a gradual journey towards improving my historical accuracy... a few things at a time.  I began with the music itself, and have evolved to the point where I'm now wading into the clothes aspect.

I can't do it all at once- for one thing it's not exactly cheap!  tmi   But am having fun traipsing down the path.  happydance