Baritone Dulcimer

Terry Wilson
02/21/18 05:02:15PM


I am thinking of buying a Baritone dulcimer.   Never had one before, so seeking some reviews and thoughts.   

I do know that once I purchased a Baritone ukulele, over time I sold my three other ukes.  The baritone ukulele is just that good.   Since I always play solo,  I actually tune it the same as any other ukulele, GCEA.   

I lean toward a McSpadden, since I have so enjoyed my 4 string over the last 5 years.  Great dulicmer, and very good service from the McSpadden folks when the electric broke inside the dulcimer around 3 years ago.   But that doesn't mean I wouldn't consider another builder.

Anyways, I would like to hear what some of you have to say about baritone dulcimers.    Especially as a solo instrument.

Thank you