Converted My FolkRoots to a Baritone....Visit to Folkcraft

08/25/15 02:53:14PM

I visited with Richard Ash at Evart this year (Folkcraft Instruments), who instructed me on how to convert my 28" scale FolkRoots dulcimer to a baritone dulcimer. He even gave me a micarta nut and bridge to do it. Well, since we were planning a trip to IN, and I wanted to see the Folkcraft facility, we decided to pay Richard, Steve and their dad a visit. We had a great time. Richard was very generous with his time and showed us the whole facility. Very impressive. The quality of work that is done there is wonderful. So, Richard ended up doing the conversion for me, while we were there. Now I have a cool, nice-sounding baritone dulcimer. A beautiful, deep voice. Only thing now, I'm eyeing a new Folkcraft custom dulcimer, with a galax back.......