So is a new baritone going to be giving me fits, or joy?

D. chitwood
04/30/17 02:14:38PM

When I listen to baritones, my blood pressure drops, every cell in my body goes, "Ahhhhhhhh....". It's like Jesus himself came up and gave me a warm hug and a cuppa earl gray tea and fluffled my pillow. So yeah, I totally love the tone.

I have one ordered from Sweetwoods and I'm wondering about it. What do baritones come tuned to? Can I play my regular tab? Is it like having a soprano in AEA where you CAN play your DAD tabs, you just can't do it with other people playing regular duclmers cause they won't 'go' together.

My reason for having one is to sit in my window chair and pluck out all my favorite celtic songs and enjoy the ease of the tone, but after a convo with my friend, I'm now wondering if I'll be able to even use my regular DAD tabs. Thank you for your expert help! 

Edited to add: I've gone through and read some old posts here and ED. I'm still a little confused. It sounds like when I play for myself, I'll be fine. I can use my regular DAD tab and play solos, it's just if I'm playing with another (which is rarely) I wouldn't be tuned correctly. I certainly can't be adding and subtracting and flipping strings but what about changing out strings to a lesser gauge THEN retuning?