Meetups? Going on a music/cooking tour with the dulcimer :)

06/10/18 07:13:08PM

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I actually tried joining the everythingdulcimer site months ago and I guess I had the worst timing when signing up right before they announced to close the forums. So I'm happy to have found this community and would love to introduce myself and my band's project.

I'm a gourmet chef who lived off the grid in the New Mexican wilderness for the past 23 years. I moved to Southern Oregon, got a dulcimer, and met my bandmate, James, who can play the instrument in a pretty unique way!

We're going to set up some house shows in WA, OR, and CA where I'll be making free soup for attendees and singing songs with the dulcimer. We would love to meet any other dulcimer players who want to share some tunes with us! Also hoping to do some more states if this first stretch goes well :)

Feel free to check us out at -

-Elka and James