Is it possible to play DAD fingerstyle with these melody strings?

David Preston
04/10/13 05:35:14AM

Hi all,

I got my dulcimer yesterday, first one. It's four strings, but the two melody strings seem to me to be very far apart ... 5mm maybe 6mm ... if I try to fret this course with a fingertip, it's not going to work, I cant get them both cleanly fretted. So, what is the way to go, do I start to play but deal with the melody course strictly with the sides or pad of the finger (is it possible or advisable to do this?) or do I take off one melody string and use my fingertips (the way I'm used to from banjo and guitar)?

It's not a problem going fingerdance DAA I just go the pads but DAD fingerstyle, how should I approach it?

David Preston