Your favorite 155 tuning

12/15/20 12:34:38AM

I am exploring 155 tuning for Noter Drone style. After learning several songs tuned DAd I’ve learned my first song in DAA. In the process I learned to tune with the D and A below middle C and d above middle C or DAA all below middle C. I figured it was like a guitar with a standard tuning. Now as I look around to tune to the keys of C, G and A I am not finding any instructions. Strumellia has told me it’s not a standardized thing. Tune them any way you want as long as they’re 155. 

I thought I’d ask people how they tune 155. Do you tune all the strings in the same octave like DAA or do you tune the melody string up an octave or something else? I guess it might not always be possible to tune to the higher octave without breaking strings. I read strumellia’s blog on ditching her bass string so I understand her tuning style. I’d just like to hear from others on how they tune 155 and why you prefer that arrangement. Thanks