Added some half what?

07/13/20 05:06:46PM

Hello all I have been playing dulcimer for about a year on diatonic dulcimers. I added  .5,  1.5, 4.5, and 7.5 frets to my fretboard, because I kept finding people say that certain chords I was looking for werent possible without. I have to admit it is daunting to look at with all the gaps I relied on to know where I was on the board suddenly full of frets. (don't tell anyone but I sharpied the non diatonic frets black so theyre easier to filter out of my mind when im playing diatonic tabs)I am not educated in music theory and am worried maybe im in over my head. What resources are available for learning chromatic dulcimer? Also where can I find chromatic tabs? Finally where would one put the fretboard markers on a chromatic dulcimer? same places as a guitar? 

Stay safe y'all