Noter makers

Butch Ross
03/10/21 02:59:39PM

For a video I'm doing, I'm looking for the names and website of people who make and sell noters. Preferably with links to their websites or Facebook pages (if they have them). 

Here's who I've sourced so far (so please read this before responding)

  • New Traditions
  • George Haggerty
  • Tom Irving
  • Ben Seymour
  • Ron Cook
  • Scott Conner
  • Folkcraft
  • McSpadden
  • Roosbeck

To be clear: I myself am not looking to purchase a noter. And YES I know you can make one out of anything. But there are people who prefer to buy them and there are people who sell them. I'm just trying to connect group A with group B.

So please do me a favor and do NOT respond with the following....

  • I use a clothespin
  • I use a popsicle stick
  • I use a dowels I got a Lowes 
  • a noter is a noter, just grab something
  • I don't need a fancy noter I just use.....

I appreciate your help and expertise with this.