Tunings for several of Jeans Songs

01/04/22 11:09:17AM

Hello everybody,

I have a hard time to determine the tunings Jean used. I try to replicate her sound. The main challenge is to play fast and good (will take a long time), I propably will never get to her speed. 

The second to find out in which tuning she actually played her songs. Her books are gret but not always fitting. E.G Dulcimer People gives DAC tuning for Nottamun town which fits quite well to following version, I didn't try CGBb though:

It's more difficult with "What to do with the Baby-o", in Dulcimer people she gives DAAA as tuning, in the Dulcimer book and the 1980ies instruction record as CGGG. Both tunings however don't quite fit when I try to play the tune on my dulcimer in any of it. For reference her version with Doc Watson on guitar and Roger Sprung (?) on fiddle:

And last but not least Shady Grove, she gives CGBb in the Dulcimer book, most tabs however use DAC or sometimes even A- or E-minor (propably for users of the Capo). Again none of them seems to fit her version:

I tried to use a tuner app on my smartphone to determine the notes but I don't manage it.

Any hints how to train my ear and what tunings Jean Ritchie actually used?

Best regards, Jost.