Why do you like to play Chromatic Mountain Dulcimer?

Steve Eulberg
08/16/13 12:02:47AM

What made you try it? What makes you keep playing this kind of dulcimer? If you are just exploring the idea, what looks attractive and what appears to be frightening or confusing?

I have been playing around with a cardboard chromatic mountain dulcimer for a couple of years, trying to find the best ways to make sense of what I already know (piano, guitar, mandolin, banjo--all chromatic instruments; and mountain dulcimer--a diatonic instrument.)

At times I have breakthroughs, and then I seem to forget them. But working on the project below is helping me make a lot better sense of it and I have to tell you, I might actually go "to the dark side! "

At DulcimerCrossing.com w e've got a new series to celebrate:

Chromatic Mountain Dulcimer Lessons by National Champion, Erin Rogers , of the exciting sister-duo Scenic Roots .

The Introduction to Chromatic Mountain Dulcimer Lesson is now live!

Erin compares chromatic and diatonic fretboards, talks about how she chose to work primarily with the chromatic mountain dulcimer, as well at the benefits and pitfalls of this way of playing, as well as demonstrating some very useful patterns for playing familiar and unfamiliar music in familiar and unfamilar keys.