Celebrate Strumming

Steve Battarbee
10/28/13 04:59:04PM

I realised a few weeks ago that I had been happily(some might say obsessively) strumming for 6 months so I thought I would celebrate this mini milestone with a posting and now I've finally got around to it.

I attached a tune called Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau or Land Of My Fathers which is the national anthem of Wales. I chose it because although is a tune that has washed over me for years I never really listed to it or realised how beautiful it was until I heard it played on a dulcimer ( By someone else of course)

Anyway hear it is. I hope I haven't done it too much of a disservice!

Whilst I'm here on FOTMD can I make a request for more posting of N&D tunes?

I don't get to hear too many especially in the UK and its always really good to hear other people paying stuff they like. Hopefully after Robin's postings I have lowered the bar sufficiently to encourage others ha ha