How can you tell whether a tune can be played Noter&Drone style

Steve Battarbee
11/22/13 08:58:01AM

I'm sure its probably just a question of time and experience and that I am showing my musical ignorance but other than trial and error how can you tell if a tune or song you like will be suitable for playing N&D style?

Sometime I hear something I like but can't get near it on my melody string

Is it because I might be listening to people playing chords?

I'm not tuned into chords and melody etc etc. because I've never played an instrument of any kind before finding the MD

Can anyone give me an idiots guide to what should be avoided or could be attempted? I often see people referring to 'old fiddle tunes' being played on the MD. Is there something about fiddle tunes that make them more amenable tothe MD?