"Inside Llewyn Davis" movie

Janene Millen
02/03/14 07:35:13PM

Has anyone seen this movie yet?

In a documentary about the making of the film, the Coen brothers say the scene at the beginning of the movie, where Llewyn is punched out in an alley behind a folk music venue, is based on an account from Dave Von Ronk's autobiography which he says he was punched out by Jean Ritchie's husband, George Pickow. They (Coens)were giggling at the basic absurdity of folk singer "folks" engaging in fist-i-cuffs, or maybe it says something about the "unlikability" of the main character. I bought the autobiography though...after I saw the movie. The punching is because Llewyn was insulting (cat calls) an autoharp player performer (the puncher's wife), maybe a Jean Ritchie-like performer.

Some nice music in the movie. Working on some of the tunes.