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Anne Maguire

The Strumstick Chord Bible

Finally bit the bullet and bought myself "The Strumstick Chord Bible" - 1,156 Chords in D & G tunings. There's an awful lot to learn, if you...
@Anne Maguire started 9 months ago - replies: 4

Show us your stick dulcimer!

Post a favorite picture of YOURS here!
@Strumelia started 13 years ago - replies: 55

What is it ??

So what exactly is this strange hybrid instrument? Give your ideas and opinions on what they are and how they may be useful (or not) here....
@Strumelia started 13 years ago - replies: 10
Jim Fawcett

Therapy for my shoulder

Just something to think about. Anyone else have shoulder problems when playing one? I'm hoping it'll help me in the long run.
@Jim Fawcett started 6 years ago - replies: 3
Nigel Caddick

Quiet isn't it?

This section is quiet isn't it? I just thought I'd say that I have bought a Merlin Seagull, which due to it's more handier size and shape has...
@Nigel Caddick started 9 years ago - replies: 11
Ronald R Eaches

Let's See Your Strumstick.

Hi to all Let's seewhat your strumstick looks like. Here's mine. This is the first oneI made from a kit. Here's one that I just finished....
@Ronald R Eaches started 10 years ago - replies: 27
Ronald R Eaches

Pickin Stick Book

Hi to all. I just got this book, has anyone made a strumstick using this book? Ifso how does it sound?
@Ronald R Eaches started 10 years ago - replies: 5
Michael J King

Stick Dulcimer Making Theme tune Tutorial with tabs.

Hi everyone, I have been promising a video tutorial for this simple piece for a while now, Here is it in video form, tabbed it as best I can which...
@Michael J King started 11 years ago - replies: 0

Who sells them?

Please post here if you want to suggest the various makers who build and sell these stick dulcimers. Please remember- no direct selling or...
@Strumelia started 13 years ago - replies: 11