Advanced Noter Techniques - Intermediate #1



This video covers some of the more advanced techniques for using the noter.  It is aimed at those who are already familier with noter playing.  There are no broadly used terms for these techniques among noter drone players, so I have picked terms that have a meaning to me.  The lesson looks at:


Lifts - Lifting the noter just slightly so it 'kills' the note being played and allows sequential notes to be played discretely.

Pushing - sliding the noter to the next note position before the pick strike and so 'pushing' the tune along.

Dragging - sliding the noter to the next note position after the pick strike and so 'dragging' the tune back.

Grace Notes - using a flick of the noter to momentarily catch an adjacent note that is not a part of the tune, for the purpose of augmentation.

Hammer-ons - Striking one note and then landing the noter quickly to sound a higher note.  Usually done from an open string strike.

Pull-offs - Striking one note and then pulling the noter off sideways towards you to sound a lower note.  Usually the lower note sounded is the open string.

Extended finger technique - Extending the little finger behind the noter from an overhand noter grip to give a second 'noter' running parallel and a couple of inches behind the noter.  Hammer-ons, pull-offs and fast note jumps can be achieved by rocking between the two 'noters'

Angled Noter Technique - Sounding notes on the bass or melody string through the noter touching the string and fretboard rather than fretting a note.  This enables notes between the frets to be played.